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For College Athletes

Short Term Medical PLUS is the solution for College Athletes seeking quality and affordable health insurance with a special $10,000 athletic injury benefit.

For health insurance coverage that's there when you need it the most!

  With Allied Short Term Medical PLUS, you enjoy all the features of a long-term plan, including:
  • Outstanding benefits
  • Choice of $500 or $1000 deductibles
  • $10,000 Athletic injury benefit
  • Allied's signature, high quality service
  • A 10-day free look, money-back guarantee
  • " A+" Rated Insurance Company
  • Free money saving benefit:
    • Free EBCCard membership - discounts for Vision, Rx Drugs, Dental and Hearing
Follow the side links to review detailed plan information. Get a free, no obligation quote or enroll today to receive coverage effective as soon as 12:01 a.m. tomorrow!

Allied Short Term Medical PLUS is designed for the
College Athlete